The Best and Safest Way to be Number 1 in Pokemon Go

02 Oct

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that has been made for use by the Android and the iOS smartphone users. It means that the game combines both playing on your phone and the physical environment to interact with different virtual characters from the game that are known as the Pokemon.  Your smartphone will be able to see these creatures by the use of the GPS and the camera.  It is a fun game that has gained popularity and thus you need to play it.  It will be vital to ensure that you become among the best when you play the Pokemon Go.  You should hence ensure that you think of the safest and the best ways to play the game.  Below are some of the factors that you will need to have in mind when you need to be number one in Pokemon Go.  

You need to ensure that you get the Pokemon Go accounts and you should consider buying this from the best person. You will have people who had made progress in the Pokemon Go game.  It will be therefore necessary to get to buy these Pokemon Go accounts as you will get to have some boost on your level. You should ensure that you do not buy the Pokemon Go account from a person who you cannot trust and trace. These will get to con you the money.  The Pokemon Go will also ensure that you can have the in-app purchases and this will ensure that you avoid cases of conning. Check pokemon go accounts for sale to learn more.

For those who play the Pokemon Go, it is necessary to stay safe. You will have those who get absorbed in the game and forget what is around them. It is vital to be keen since you will have people who come to the Poke stops and the Poke gyms, not to play but to steal from innocent players around. You should thus be careful when finding the Pokemon.  Always check around for suspicious people.  It will be necessary to ensure that you do not get to have your belongings stolen. It will be safer to play during the day than the night. Check pokemon go accounts for more info.

You should also think about the welfare of others.  Not everyone will be playing Pokemon Go when you see their heads stuck to the screen of their phones.  You should try and avoid entering places such as hospitals, police stations, and other places when playing the game. You may have the games displaying the Pokemon in the place, but you do not need to enter everywhere. Visit for other references.

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